This is why I participate in an Open Source community

The other day I received this email from a user of one of my CPAN modules.

This is what makes participating in an Open Source community really worth it! The tool he's talking about is XML::Rabbit.

Thanks a lot, Jack!

Just a note to say thank you.  I had been trying to build a system  (without Moose) that could do something like this. I then decided that  Moose would be better support for my classes.   I ran into chromatic the  other day and bought his book because it looked like it had a bit more  on Moose.  After playing some more with Moose, I did a search that took  me to chromatic's page on Rabbit.
I cannot remember what the search was.  However,  I'm glad that I found it.  My one-line summary for Rabbit is that it is  a client side version of JQuery.
Perl  keeps popping back into my life.  Almost fifteen years ago, I was using  Perl 4.  I have not used it in over ten years.  Last year, I decided  that Perl would be good for translating a database, and I wanted  classes. I was very happy to see Perl 5 was on target.
Now at a new company, I am faced  with thousands of lines of Perl (mostly version 4) with sometimes 15K in  one file!),  I've been breaking the code into packages and classes.   However, as I thought about it, I needed something more abstract. I  need to solve some meta-programming issues to lead the company towards  the future.  Today, I find Rabbit -- can life get much better?
Once I've done some conversion of  our XML API and can process it with Rabbit, I hope to add some ideas.   If you have some thoughts on what you think would be useful to add, I  would not mind thinking about them as I solve the bigger problem that I  am working on.