Are you unable to run the JavaME SDK 3.0 emulator on Windows 7? Workaround found!

If you get this error message when trying to run midlets through the built-in emulator of the JavaME SDK 3.0, try disabling DEP for runMidlet.exe. Error message given by Netbeans and/or Eclipse: *** Error *** Failed to connect to device 0! Reason: Emulator 0 terminated while waiting for it to register! Data Execution Prevention (DEP) configuration can be found at the following place in Windows: Control Panel > System Security > System > Advanced system Settings >  Advanced tab > Performance > Data Execution Prevention. Add this file to the DEP exclusion list: <javame-install-dir>\runtimes\cldc-hi-javafx\bin\runMidlet.exe If things work for you now, complain loudly to Sun (now Oracle) that they need to make software without buffer overflows. Personally I filed a bug-report against the JavaME SDK 3.0. You should do that too, or make your voice heard on the same bug-report that you're having this problem as well.