Comment from: Leon Brocard [Visitor]
Leon BrocardIs there any reason you aren't using Net::LastFM or WebService::LastFM?

Cheers, Leon.
10/01/11 @ 07:38
Comment from: Robin Smidsrød [Member] Email
Because WebService::LastFM implements some kind of old streaming API for playing Last.FM radio which I'm not interested in, and it does not seem to be compatible with the current v2.0 API from Last.FM.

With regards to your Net::LastFM module, which I actually considered to extend instead, I have to agree with the CPAN naming guidelines which states that the Net:: namespace should be for wire/socket protocols like NNTP, SMTP, HTTP and such, and that high-level application protocols that implement on top of HTTP should use the WebService:: or WWW:: namespaces.

Once I publish the fifth and final part of the article series you'll see my reason for recreating the wheel. But I'll be more than happy to work with you in creating a good API to communicate with Last.FM if you're interested.

Just hang on for a few days, and you can be the judge if you think I'm on to something useful or if it is a waste of time.
10/01/11 @ 18:08
Comment from: depesz [Visitor]
depeszThe example you gave to start - cpan Dist::Zilla, git clone, authordeps, listdeps doesn't work on 5.14.2 from perlbrew.

listdeps fails (hard error) because these modules are not installed:

What's more - after I installed it, output of dzil listdeps is not parseable by cpan:

=$ dzil listdeps
[Name] couldn't find abstract in lib/WWW/LastFM/Response/
[Name] couldn't find abstract in lib/WWW/LastFM/Response/
[Name] couldn't find abstract in lib/WWW/LastFM/Response/
[Name] couldn't find abstract in lib/WWW/LastFM/Response/
[Name] couldn't find abstract in lib/WWW/LastFM/Response/
[Name] couldn't find abstract in lib/WWW/LastFM/

which gives:
Warning: Cannot install [Name], don't know what it is.
Try the command

i /[Name]/

10/03/11 @ 15:01
Comment from: Robin Smidsrød [Member] Email
Thanks for the update. I've fixed the abstract problems in all the response classes. Github master branch is updated.

How can I modify dist.ini so that authordeps outputs the names of those three missing Pod::Weaver classes?
10/03/11 @ 19:05
Comment from: depesz [Visitor]
depeszNo idea. I'm not using dzil.
10/03/11 @ 19:53
Comment from: Robin Smidsrød [Member] Email
@despesz: shows the solution.

I've added the needed lines to the dist.ini so that other people trying it out should have it working properly. Thanks again for the information.

Hope you like the article series.
10/04/11 @ 11:36
Comment from: Doumbek ear wax [Visitor]
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10/31/14 @ 07:29

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